This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Below is an insert from my documented 1st attempt at exercising after Gwendolyn was born...
-I tried to take a power walk today. It took forever to find the dog's leash, get the stroller from the car, open the garage...only to find that the keypad to close it once I have left is not working. So, I get the opener from my car and have to put it back again when I come back. I can’t find my Yankee hat and my sunglasses are too big. I put my cell phone and everything in the very convenient pocket of the stroller, but then realize there are two of these pockets and I can’t find my stuff when I need it (as I'm walking and searching at the same time). I went to look for water bottles in the fridge. There are none. It’s so hot outside; I can’t even stand it. -The baby is dressed in a hot sleeper and, of course, the pickiest dog in the world is panting like death is immanent. He keeps pushing the stroller and pulling it b/c he wants to stop and go to the bathroom. Sure, he doesn’t have to go all day long at home, but then we step one foot outside and he cannot wait even another second. I keep running back in to look for the things I can’t find and had forgotten I would want when I first went into the garage. I have to use the door opener so that I can see the stroller and prevent the baby from getting stolen. I didn’t know where my i-pod was, but found it…then had to look for the headphones. It’s so hot and there is no water…and I am just sure my baby will overheat… -The whole walk lasts a total of 10 minutes. I’m all sweaty and completely out of shape. I realize I will have to take another shower…and it’s difficult enough to take one of those a day.
-I remember that being a really hard experience for me, especially in my state of depression. I guess that might have something to do with the fact that it took me two and a half months to get back out there. Or, my hesitation could just be due to the fact that exercising takes more effort than blogging. Who's to say?!
-Anyway, this morning at 8am, we tried it again.
-This time I couldn't find the dog's collar and didn't even bother looking for the i-pod. And, I gotta walk had very little power associated with it! But, It's a start and I need to get out there every day.

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Sarah said...

I like that you posted and revisited a past always makes me feel better because you realize that things are getting better and you have learned a lot and how far you've come.

I was having coffee with a friend this morning and she reminded me of a similar thing...