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This Abundant Life
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does 'Organic' Automatically Mean 'Healthy'

I would like to say, upfront, that this post is, in no way, a push to any of my readers to start buying organic food or a suggestion that they should be doing that.

I mean to pass along an article that I actually found to be VERY helpful and, in most ways, coincides with "conclusions" I have come to in my own learning and experimenting process this past year. I have also had so many conversations with other moms about this very topic, and I think there are many curious people out there.

Also, I do not mean to be an advocate for Raw Milk...and have absolutely NO idea if it should or should not be the kind of milk to drink. For my family, we currently choose to give Gwendolyn pasteurized goat milk. But, that's just one option, and it's the choice that makes sense for us.

Here it is! Enjoy...if you like...Organic Is Only Part of the Story


The Richardson's said...

Thanks for always posting about stuff like this! I am super interested in eating healthy and knowing the story behind what I feed my family.

Keep it up!!

Josh and Jenni said...

Your blog is always educating me. Thanks friend!

Momma said...

I personally believe that organic is better. Not just for the person eating it, but for the people who first and foremost live around the farms growing the foods. Synthetic and concentrated fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, are all so toxic to those living in the rural areas that grow our food. I know, I used to live in the middle of the fields.

Also, I personally believe that raw milk is much better for us. It's got all the goodies that our bodies need.

And so i conclude my comment. Whole foods (unprocessed and minimally handled, unless in some cases frozen) are the best for us. Fresh veggies cooked on the spot at home and meat that is not from a can, is awesome!
I do love to read your blog Jennifer.