This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Sunday, December 04, 2011


We've been "busy" around here, doing things that are not actually very busy. I've kind of been taking things one week at a time...not because I'm so good at resting in the moment, although that is something I am making a real effort at, but mostly because this pregnancy has left me with far less (energy, health, sleep, brain power, "normal" feeling moments, etc.) than I ever imagined it would. But, I can already tell, this baby is going to be really cute...and beauty doesn't come cheap!

I love literature and poetry and the written word, in general, so NO, I do not think that pictures always say it best, but right now they certainly DO!

I truly wish that I could kid-nap a professional photographer with awesome camera equipment (like Amy Cooper over at Kacey Luvi Photography) and make her take pictures of us all day...not of the screaming or crying (or the kids misbehaving, either :), but until I figure out how to do that, these will have to do!

Preparing for our Jesse Tree/Advent Celebration

Being adorable and sparkly (or, in other words, constantly changing from one outfit to the other because, apparently, that's what Princesses Do)

Just being all cute (and dirty), in general

Enjoying some time with some precious Goffeneys...I'm pretty sure they love us, too, but were just a tad tired from travel :)

Got to witness my Nephew, Cohen's, baptism!

...I had trouble editing this pic, but he has adorable eyes. He's pretty much the most adorable thing around...however, has was a little concerned about the water messing up his hair :).

Celebrating Thanksgiving and Papa's Birthday.
Guess who it is that Gwendolyn takes after...

...and getting to hang with my sister, Rebekah, and her boyfriend, Mark (He's a great guy!)

Carrying on one of the better Rehrmann traditions of Olive-eating

Taking on Zoo Lights as a Family

And, of course, making a breakfast of french toast and mac and cheese...the breakfast of champions!

I hope this time leading up to the celebration of Jesus' coming, has been fun, so far, for you!


Kyra said...

Looks like a blast! Contrary to the picture, they did have a wonderful time :)

Jenná said...

This all looks so wonderful! And I totally agree, your nephew is adorable!!! :)

A Stranger said...

Hey, i love what you said about wanting to steal a proper camera at a certain time to capture picz. but urs i gotta say are great too :D
and good luck with the pregnancy, my sisyer is pregnant too and due this month some time. im sure ur baby will be adorable :)

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I hope this time leading up to the celebration of Jesus' coming, has been fun, so far, for you!

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