This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time With My Man

This last weekend was so wonderful. My husband took me to my favorite Resort, here in Tucson. It was just a couple of nights, but it was AWESOME. It definitely refreshed me and excited me to dig in deep in my roles as Wife, Mom and Keeper of my home. But, it also left me wanting more...more sunshine, more quiet moments, more clean, white towels...and more of my man. Sometimes he gets lost beneath the little tower of snotty noses, piercing screams and potty dances.

I love those little crazies and I missed them, tons, just being away for such a short time...but I'm on a mission now...I want to steal some of those moments from them...and give them back to him.

Have You Ever Seen a Cuter Ice Cream-Eater?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let Us Not Overlook the Plain and Obvious

Gwendolyn and I are busy getting ready for Christmas in July with a Birthday Party for Jesus, this Friday (not because we are such a super-spiritual and event-clever family, but because we happen to be a little birthday/Christmas CRAZY in this house).

In our preparation, this morning we were reading the nativity story in her Bible. As we stared at a picture of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable, I began pointing out the various characters. Like a good mother, I spoke of Joseph being Jesus' earthly Father and God also being Jesus' Father and the baby, pictured, being Jesus, etc...etc. As I finished imparting spiritual wisdom and went on to continue reading, Gwendolyn points her finger to the only remaining figure on the page and says, "...and that's a cow."

It's true. That was a cow.

In the tired and, often, unpredictable moments of mothering small children, It's the simple and true things that are of most encouragement to me. Somehow, amidst the hours of readable Facebook statuses, googled coupon codes, interesting DIY projects and on-line shopping sales, it can be hard to notice the very real cow in the picture.

Jesus is my cow. And, I need to spend my time looking at, and listening to, those who can point Him out to me and say, "and that's a cow." That is Jesus. He's your only source of real and lasting Joy and plain-old, regular happiness. Look at Him, and you vision for all your life-roles and daily activities will be clear, fresh and...dare I say it...Exciting!

Here area few of my personal favorite Joy-reminder resources:
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What are some of yours???