This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Friday, August 14, 2009


Ahhh, yes...Facebook. What an interesting commentary on our social, emotional and mental state as a people.

Disclaimer: I, personally, am a member of Facebook and spend countless seconds, minutes...hours...perusing many, many meaningless comments from people I haven't talked to in a very long time and probably won't talk to any time soon...unless I accidentally run into them at Trader Joe's or Wal-Mart. I also, like many others, find this avenue of communication both convenient and interesting.

...and very SAD. I've noticed, lately, how each facebook STATUS is like a little hop, skip and jump from one "lovely and meaningful experience" to the next. As a "facebook-er" or a "tweet-er" or whatever...we want our feelings, emotions, memories, experiences and thoughts to OTHER people.

We talk (write) about our experiences as if they are in this pretty and simple little vacuum. Each of our life's experiences are wrapped up in one sentence...once (or ten times) a day...depending on who you are...

No one writes about how they cried themselves to sleep or yelled at their child (or spouse). We see no pictures of broken people realizing they are in the middle of a growing season and are acutely aware of how much it SUCKS!!!!!!

When a facebook-er depicts "hurt" or "worry" it is always in some kind of ambiguous manner...and those who choose to be more upfront, are sure to follow their expression of emotion with a JOKE or a "God Is In Control!" comment...and then, of course, the inevitable explanation mark (!) which means: "It's OK...don't worry about me...I'll figure it out...and I will be alright...and I'll be sure to update my STATUS really soon (with good news) so that no one really needs to give me a call or stop by my house.

Facebook is just EASIER...You get to watch as people you know express their "emotions" (as lame as they may be) and you can wait...sometimes only for an hour or two, until they "update" themselves with some kind of excellent outcome. All's Well, that Ends Well...I suppose.

The problem is...It doesn't solve the problem. We ALL want to be KNOWN...we were created to desire that. And, I totally adore means of written communication that engage my life with the lives of my friends (near and far). There are MANY reasons for being a part of an Internet Social Community. But, in personal observation...the more I check my facebook...the less I enjoy it.


Jenn Lamb said...

wow i totally agree. thanks for writing out what i have been thinking. miss you jenn

Jenná said...

Girl you stole the words right out of my mouth! Yours of course are much more eloquent. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my're on facebook? We should TOTALLY be friends! :) Ha! Ha! I am with you 100%!!

Sarah said...

Here is my reasoning for bring edited on fb: I am "friends" with several ex boyfriends and men I once wished were boyfriends, so if I were 100% truthful...they might think I am nuts. And since FB is basically high school internet-ified...I have to look good at all times so people will like me, haha.

In honor of you: Here are my 100% truthful Sunday status updates:

"Had cramps all morning, wished I was pregnant just so they would go away for another year and a half"

"I feel bloated and gross. being a girl sucks sometimes."

"... my baby annoyed me all morning making me realize that I might not ever want another child...then I felt bad for thinking he was annoying"

"matthew is finally asleep. thank God for the peace and quiet. maybe I do want more kids... :) "

I do still hate facebook...for your reasons and more. but I am hopelessly addicted and it is my only communication with the outside world somedays.

Josh and Jenni said...

You are so right. I think the reality is, I am not on the computer during these "bad" times. But if I were to update right now it would say, "Jennifer is super tired because her baby doesn't know how to eat enough so she can stay asleep for more than an hour." or "Jennifer is super pissed because her husband doesn't know how to be quiet while he gets ready in the morning, especially after I got the baby to finally sleep."

Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

I totally agree with you!

mandy said...

so very true and yet i still do the fb thing. oh the shame! no- really you are so right and so is your friend who wrote about how it is high school all over. my life can't be a mess- i have to have it all together all the time. ugh!

here's my sunday night fb status:
i drank coffee so i could do something my husband enjoyed but i drank it too late at night so i bit all my nails off, my feet hurt from wearing heels today and i don't want to go to bed because then monday will come quickly and i will have to do a butt-load of laundry.