This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to...ME!

Have I ever told you that my husband's love language is GIFTS? Well, it is. I think he doesn't like that I tell people that...and I think he doesn't really believe that it's true. But, it IS TRUE!!!

So, every holiday, this wonderful man goes out and buys everything I've ever said that I like (especially if they sell it at Costco). I'm actually making him return half the stuff he bought this year...oh, don't worry...I've already figured out what OTHER things I want in place of some of them!

Anyway, I love him - not only for the gifts but also because he is so very cute...and such a caring man who desires to give me all there is to give...not just the presents, but also all the things that
come from having a husband who Loves the Lord with all his heart and Loves his family more than himself. Thank you, honey, for being with me on this ridiculous roller-coaster ride that is our Sanctification!!

We had an awesome time on Saturday night. We decided to go out alone and take advantage of a "date night", but when we got to the restaurant, our good friends, Kurtis and Lara were there. It was a wonderful and welcome treat! Thanks for partying with us, you guys! Then, Bic took me to Flemings (an up-scale restaurant in Tucson) for Martini's and Dessert! It was great fun!!!

Hey, check out the picture contrast from my birthday, last year
(one day before the birth our our little Gwendolyn)!

Yeah, It looks like I had a few too many lobsters that night!!

Yeah, and my baby was less than 6.5lbs!
(She made up for it in FURY!)


Aaron and Jean said...

Happy birthday Jenn, you look beautiful! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Josh and Jenni said...

Happy birthday friend. Totally remembered to wish Gwendolyn a happy day then forgot to call you. Oops! You still love me though right? I am glad you and Bic had a great night! Josh and I love Fleming's lava cake. Yummy!! Wish i could see you this weekend. Next time... All the best!

Lara said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Birthday and it was fun to celebrate with you. :) It is amazing that just last year you were having Gwendolyn. You look great and I love you!

Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful time and how fun that last year you got the gift of Gwendolyn in time for your birthday.

Who knows...maybe you could have another present by your next birthday?! Although, who knows what you will be asking for...anyways- enjoy being the next age!