This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Menu Plan (September 12-18)

My adorable nephew, Levi (AKA Nay-nay). Don't you just love him?!!

Menu Plan (September 12-18)


Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – Bombay Chicken (from freezer) and Quinoa

Dinner – Dinner Out


Breakfast – simple soaked pancakes

Lunch – Bombay chicken leftover

Dinner – Lentil and Rice Casserole and green salad


Breakfast – Eggs and toast

Lunch – Lentil and Rice leftover

Dinner – 5-Minute Southwest Layered Salad (with shredded chicken from the freezer)


Breakfast – Eggs and Fruit

Lunch – Leftover southwest salad

Dinner – Salmon Melts and green Salad


Breakfast – Eggs and Toast

Lunch – salmon melts leftover

Dinner – Chicken Pesto and Rice


Breakfast – Green Smoothies and oatmeal

Lunch – Chicken Pesto leftover

Dinner – Beefy Enchilada Bake

Dessert – Strawberry shortcake or (this recipe) Strawberry Shortcake


Breakfast – Breakfast Burritos

Lunch – beefy enchilada Bake leftovers

Dinner – Dinner Out

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B Dunlap said...

Hey Jenn! I LOVE that you are posting menu has inspired me to start doing again, although I'm not posting on my blog. I wanted to pass along this recipe for Red Lentil Soup, because I know you cook with a lot of lentils. Nick and I both really love it, espeically with the garnish of feta, olives, and almonds. Yum! Also, I add curry powder to the recipe.
Hope you're well....your little growing family is so precious.