This Abundant Life

This Abundant Life
"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calling For Help!

  • Okay, I realize that my post-baby body is going to be different. My hips have probably moved and my boobs could, very possibly, stay bigger than they were before. I also realize that my stomach muscles are probably even more lax than before baby...and they were pretty lax to begin with! However, what you see here is a beautiful woman, blessed with many wonderful features from the Lord, who is also sporting extra weight and unnecessary fat.
  • March 2009

I do not expect to come up with long, lean legs (not in the genes!) and little perky breasts...that's what surgery is for :) !!!

  • However, I know I can lose the extra weight and tone up. I need cut out the sugar, take my walks and do my Pilates at home...this is not intense training...I CAN do it!
    October 2007

  • I realize that I will probably just be getting pregnant again at the end of the year...but with the next baby...I want the BEFORE picture of me in a bikini to be from May 2009 (not still from October 2007)!!!!
  • Who will ask me about my progress??? Accountability is Key for me. I don't like being embarrassed by my lack of discipline.

    JennĂ¡ said...

    I think making reservatons at Grand Velas will be the best accountability!!!

    rosie said...

    you are crazy. why dont is send you a picture of myself in my bikini ill make you feel a lot better about the "extra fat" you have. Love you my skiny sister.

    Josh and Jenni said...

    I can totally relate. I actually just feel like I am bad person sometimes because I feel like I am being vain and not thinking about the things that are really important. But being 20 pounds over my usually weight when I got pregnant to now being 20 more pounds fluffier, I am just dreading not being pregnant. I won't have an excuse to wear a size 14 pants! Luckily my hubby thinks I am beautiful, but I know that when I go to the gym he is praying that I am actually making progress. As much as I feel like a different person, he must feel like he is married to someone else too. All that to say that I will ask you how things are going. And you do the same for me. I really can only gain 10 more pounds before this little girl comes. Now that I am not throwing up everyday there is no reason to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :o)

    Sarah said...

    You look great.

    I know I do need to start doing pilates though before I get prego again. I do not want my stomach giving up and staying loose and flubby forever!

    Too bad we don't live near each other, a pilates party would be more fun than doing it alone.

    Seriously though, you look amazing and I know lots of women who would love to look like you after having a baby!